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The Keldysh Research Center established on the basis of Leningrad gasdynamic laboratory (GDL) and Moscow group for reaction propulsion study (GIRD) in 1933 became a first research organization for development of rocketry and original methods for its update and testing.

The legendary "Katyusha" - a formidable weapon of the war years is as before a visiting card of the Keldysh Research Center and a founder of mobile rocket machinery. The Keldysh Research Center (NII-1) was awarded Order of the Red Star for development of a new kind of the weapon.

After the war when the country was rising out ruins the Keldysh Research Center decided new problems of engine and rocket manufacturing: scientific support for development of liquid rocket engines (LRE), solid rocket motors (SRM) and descent modules, questions of the LRE high reliability and rocket longitudinal stability, making of space research instrumentation. The high efficiency of LRE operating on generator gas staged combustion cycle was for the first time justified and experimentally verified at the Keldysh Research Center. At a later time the engines of the same cycle which are unique in world practice in their parameter were developed in the branch. The Keldysh Research Center was awarded Order of the Red Banner of Labor for services to rocket space technology.

The Keldysh Research Center became a real smithy of specialists in the field of rocket technology and engine manufacturing. Its nurslings were and are working at many design bureaus and research institutes of the country.

At the present time the Keldysh Research Center keeps its famous traditions both in the field of rocket production and national economy.

Legendary "Katyusha"

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